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Who we are Today?

From the early 80’s, STS Worldwide grew from the basement of the Founder’s Home to a 550M company operating in 7 countries. Building this corporate success from 1980 to 2014, STS Worldwide current partners have amassed over 100 man years of experience how to successfully grow companies and exit at the right time. Today, our partners have real time hands-on experience in learning from pitfalls and mistakes that we have made during this growth success story. We are very pleased to bring our “hands-on experience” to make your company grow and become successful, and to plan a proper exit strategy for your company with a goal of maximizing shareholder’s returns and finally providing various avenues to the seller (post selling the company), and introduce new wave opportunities (Non-Brick & Mortar companies). Our company will further share our knowledge & our wisdom, learned through our long journey to become a successful global company with you and your management team. So why not we get connected? Please contact Deepak Narasimham at or 770-689-8880 in strict confidence. All communications will be held strictly confidential.

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Our Commitment

At STS Worldwide, the founder’s family has over 100 man years of experience from taking a company from the basement operation, climbing to 550M revenue from zero, operating in 7 countries, employing 1000’s of IT talent and having built cutting edge technology products for globalizing education. Today, we advise and implement unique solutions to grow your company by providing growth funding ($$$) and create exit strategies to maximize the valuation for shareholders. Further, we also execute strategies for “post exit planning” to move the sellers to higher valuation innovative high growth companies.